The Key to Business Success Based on Setting Goals

There are many ways in which you can steadily grow your business and expand into different markets, however at the centre of any company’s growth is always its ability to set, maintain and review goals and objectives. Setting goals enables you to plot the next stages of development for your company and it is a great way of ensuring that you stay on track. Of course, things are always changing so it is very important for you to regularly review and change goals as and when it is necessary. Writing your goals down and monitoring your progress will really help to keep you and your business motivated, as Raven knows only too well.

Raven’s Managing Director is passionate about setting and achieving goals as it really helps her to stay focused. He says, ‘Setting goals is something that is central to everything that I do. I find that it really helps me to motivate myself because I always know where I want to go next. I also make sure that my goals are communicated to the rest of my office so that we are all working towards common objectives. All of our goals are written down and displayed in a central place so that it is obvious what we are striving for. This really helps my team stay motivated too as they have a genuine sense of what we are achieving. If you don’t set yourself realistic and achievable goals, then how do you know how you are performing?’

A recent survey revealed that of all the people who make New Year’s resolutions every year, only one in five write them down. This may well explain why one in four people make the same resolution every year because they have not yet achieved it! According to the same research, writing your goal down makes you ten times more likely to achieve it. So, if you are finding that you are going round in circles, perhaps the secret may be to write your goals down explicitly so that you have more chance of staying focused and achieving them.

The CEO and her office are dedicated to achieving their goals and this must be one of the main reasons why they are enjoying such growth. Their ambitious plans for the future will see them taking an even larger market share and bringing their direct marketing expertise to even more clients around the country.